There have been a bunch of changes here recently – and we’re not just talking about our upcoming move across town with our parent company, PKWARE. As regular Viivo users hopefully have noticed, we’ve been speeding along with a slew of new features for easier sharing, expanded cloud and platform connections, better mobile protection, and bulk work with files. We’ve created deeper explanation pages for two of the principal changes, Viivo Edit (an easier path to automatically encrypt and decrypt files) and DropZone (for protected sharing of groups of files). In short, these features reflect the growing data connection needs of our users, especially in business department or group settings. We appreciate your contributions (and patience) as we built the new features around this latest version of Viivo. Even as cloud and email vendors talk about adding protections, you still need to bring your own encryption if you actually want full control over who can see and access your files. That’s part of what we said recently in an update of the new features with industry experts. In his recent report, 451 Research Analyst Garrett Bekker recently put our new features in a broader security context:

“Viivo has come a long way in the past year, with an enterprise version that includes a variety of new features and one of the broadest coverage models we know of. The recent product enhancements, along with PKWARE's enterprise pedigree, could help ease enterprise concerns regarding the adoption of cloud-based FSS services and the long-term viability of some of its freshly minted peers – not to mention an attractive cross-selling opportunity. However, while the ‘Dropbox problem’ remains a thorn in the side of many organizations struggling to come to grips with rogue employee use of cloud-based file-sharing services, enterprise adoption of cloud-based FSS platforms remains tepid, with many organizations clinging to a preference for behind-the-firewall file sharing. Still, Dropbox isn't going away any time soon, and although Viivo does have the ability to help secure on-premises data, PKWARE is betting that enterprise resistance will gradually soften. Meanwhile, the market remains in flux, and a hybrid product could ultimately emerge as the winning strategy.”

You can read the entire report from Bekker and 451 here [PDF]. As always, you should join the chatter between users on our forums or in reviews on app stores (especially if you’ve been away from Viivo for a while) on these features and others you’d like to see. * Matt Little, VP of Product Development, PKWARE & Viivo