We’ve had our heads down creating faster, fail-safe security and sharing features for the next iteration of Viivo (more on that in the weeks to come …), but I thought it was worth recognizing two recent mentions Viivo had in the legal tech field.

Jane Pribek, a former family law attorney and self-professed “Dropbox devotee,” gave a primer on some of the tools she uses for encryption, including Viivo. Since the start, security has been the primary pain point with the cloud. But, as Pribek writes, software that protects data at its source means that it “keeps getting easier to feel safe in the cloud.” More than that, we like this summation Pribek offers on how the legal community working in the public cloud should be thinking when it comes to data security:

“[W]hether you embrace Dropbox or use it grudgingly, you ought to be emphasizing the security of your clients’ confidential data.”

In another article last week, legal tech consultant Peegen Turner takes it a step further with firms in the cloud. Her multi-step blog outlines how a firm can shift the majority of its storage, sharing and infrastructure to the cloud. To abate risk with the legal documents shared and stored in the cloud, Turner, too, puts the security focus on the data (instead of just the device or network).

We’re, of course, flattered with the adoption rate of Viivo among the legal community. Attorneys and lawyers were never an expressly targeted market by our parent company, PKWARE, where the customer base of more than 30,000 is led by financial services, health care, retail and government agencies. Viivo has found particular traction with attorneys and the info sec pros at law firms.

Our team looks forward to meeting some of those attorneys using Viivo (as well as a few new ones) this spring at the ABA Tech Show in Chicago. There are already tracks at the show outlining encryption, security and NSA surveillance – some of our favorite topics of discussion with Viivo users in law (and other fields, for that matter).

And stay tuned … like I wrote above, there are some great new capabilities coming to make securing files in the cloud faster and easier. (If you can’t wait, take a sneak peak over the next few weeks in our user forums.)

-- Matt Little, Head of Product Development, Viivo