Mobile encryption and decryption are finally catching up to the way people already use iOS devices and Dropbox.

Understandably, you don’t want to add a cumbersome security step to the way you edit files on your iPad, or to the way you share that same file in Dropbox. Security should work seamlessly with files as well as with how you use iOS and Dropbox – period.

With the continued surge in mobile devices, nailing down that security has been paramount. And encryption is becoming the preferred source for that security. Just this week, Gartner Research analysts Tom Scholtz, Matthew W. Cain and Andrew Walls summarized some of the challenges and strategies in securing new user platforms and sources of engagement like mobile devices and tablets. Their first recommendation? “Adopt an information-centric security approach that requires minimal control of endpoints.”

Encryption covers the “information-centric security approach” that Gartner calls for, but until now it has been a missing piece of the back-and-forth between files accessed and used in iOS and sent to Dropbox. That’s why we’re proud to announce new features for mobile encryption and decryption on iOS with the professional version of our app, Viivo Pro. It’s built to give you security with the way you share and work files on any Apple device and with Dropbox.

In essence, Viivo for iOS can encrypt a file handed to it from another App (such as Email, Docs2Go, Box, Dropbox, etc.) and then encrypt it and automatically upload it (through the Dropbox API) directly back into Dropbox. As a deeper explainer, we’ve posted something along these lines on our support forums, but wanted to open our “how to” to a broader audience. (Prefer instructional videos? Check out our explainer on the Dropbox forums.)

So, here’s how Viivo Pro encryption for iOS and Dropbox works (in a few steps that take a few seconds in total):

  1. Open your favorite productivity app, messaging app, or multimedia app.
  2. When you are ready to encrypt your file, look for an "Open In" option (most apps have this option).
  3. From the "Open In" app listing, select Viivo. This will launch Viivo.
  4. If you are a Viivo Pro user (the professional version of the app), you will be able to select the destination folder to encrypt and upload your file to.
  5. If you select a private folder, Viivo will encrypt it for just you; alternatively, if you select a Dropbox shared folder, Viivo will encrypt it for the share.
  6. Tap “Done” and Viivo will handle the encryption and uploading. A few seconds later, you’ll see a newly encrypted file in your Dropbox folder.

If you’re new to Viivo and want to take advantage of this sweet, easy new feature, visit our products page and select Viivo Pro. Already use Viivo for protecting personal files? You can upgrade to Viivo Pro here (and for a limited time, we’ll give you 25% off. Use the coupon code 25OFFVIIVOPRO at checkout).

The additions of mobile encrypt/decrypt for iOS and Dropbox is the first part of a feature rollout that’ll also include Android and other cloud services in the near future. This is somewhat uncharted territory, so we’d love to hear your feedback on the mobile encryption features (or any others). Post a review on the Apple App Store or reach out on our forums.