We all know the way we store our files, whether  personal or business related, is changing. The days of file cabinets, manila folders, and hard drives are going the way of the typewriter and floppy disk. Just like the files you used to store in your garage and your hard drive (and your external hard drive. . . and your other external hard drive), your files on the cloud need to be just as secure. When a new technology comes along, it's tempting to think that it's the fool-proof future we've been waiting for.

We hate to be the ones to break it to you, but this isn't it.

The Cloud is a great tool. It brings the convenience of file sharing and organization to our daily lives that some of us never dreamed of--and a big thank you to the person that did. Although, just like that lock on your file cabinet, you need protection for the Cloud. In the past, the biggest concern was your hard drive crashing, or your kids using your tax documents as a coloring book. Now, people who are half way across the world from you can intercept your personal and sensitive data.

Security is a bigger issue now than it's ever been. That's where Viivo comes in. We want you to share and store as much as you please. With Viivo, you can Cloud in Confidence knowing that we are there, encrypting your files the moment you save them to your Dropbox.