Recently the American Bar Association Commission on Ethics 20/20 commented on law firms in The Cloud. As an attorney, you know that you are responsible for giving reasonable care to your clients sensitive information and documents. The ABA commission on Ethics 20/20 had this to say, "A firm or an individual attorney may store client materials in the cloud ethically, provided that the lawyer takes reasonable care to protect the confidentiality of confidential client information."

Here at Viivo, we know you want what is best for your clients. Not only when it comes to flexibility, and efficiency (two things The Cloud provides), but also when it comes to security. You're in luck! With Viivo, you can be 100% sure that your client's files are completely secure. The moment you save your files to your Dropbox, is the moment Viivo encrypts them. We know this makes all the difference. You can Cloud in Confidence knowing that Viivo cares just as much about keeping your clients information safe as you do.

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