Change can be scary, we understand. But change can also bring new opportunities and positive growth. It was recently reported by the Financial Review, that accountants who use the Cloud are 30-40% more efficient with their reports than those who do not use the Cloud. That is a huge percentage, and one that can really get you ahead of the competition. This time of year, we understand how busy you are. Think of all you could do with the time saved using the cloud--you might even be able to sleep!

Now, we know what you are thinking--I would love to boost my productivity, but is the Cloud secure? With Viivo, you don't have to worry about keeping your files safe in the Cloud. That's our job. We're 100% committed to making sure that every document, not matter what its importance, is completely safe and secure. When you use a Viivo folder in your Dropbox, everything you put into it is encrypted the moment you drop it in. Cloud in Confidence knowing that Viivo is securing your files every second of every day.

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