As a company with data being stored in the Cloud, security can become somewhat of a concern.  And rightly so!  There are a few steps you can take to make sure that your company’s files stay where they should.

  1. Control who has access to your Cloud.  As an organization, set guidelines for who is allowed access to which folders.  Assure that former employees are no longer part of the shared folders, and regulate which layers of your company need access to which parts of your Cloud.
  2. Consider whether something needs to be kept in the Cloud.  Is this something you don’t need remote access to at all times?  Is it something that only you will be seeing?  It might not be the best idea to put it right up in the Cloud.
  3. Keep a back-up.  Backing up your files assures that they’ll still be around, even if something unfortunate happens.
  4. Lock it down.  You wouldn’t give the keys to your office to everyone in your organization.  However, that’s not to say there’s not a few key folk who shouldn’t be allowed in.  Secure your Dropbox files with Viivo, which allows you to pass the encryption key to those you trust most.

And that’s it!  Cloud in Confidence by following these quick steps, and by encrypting your Dropbox files with Viivo!