Release Notes -/-

07/21/2015 :: Mac v3.0.95 & Win v3.0.95

- Introducing Viivo Lockers

- Allows for multiple locations (clouds folders) simultaneously

- Allows for keeping only encrypted copies on your local disk

- Support for Google Authenticator

- Redesigned user interface in Viivo Manager

04/09/2015 :: Mac v2.6.27

- support for sharing users who have run into issues upgrading from 2.6.X to 2.6.25 with dropbox desktop client version 3.4

04/01/2015 :: Mac v2.6.25 & Win v2.6.25 & Win v2.1.38

- support for sharing with dropbox desktop client version 3.4

03/02/2015 :: Mac v2.6.24

- viivo sync fixes

- various small bug fixes

10/07/2014 :: Mac v2.6.20

- bug fix for automatic sync failure occurring in viivo-encrypted folder on mac

08/12/2014 :: Mac v2.6.17 & Win v2.6.17

- bug fix for viivo manager setup to not sync with a cloud

- bug fix for viivo manager when triggering an assisted upgrade

07/30/2014 :: Mac v2.6.12 & Win v2.6.12

- added feature custom right click menu options for all Viivo users

- recent file tracking

- clickable notifications

- drop zone files now decrypt in viivo-encrypted folder

- performance improvements with server communication

- various small bug fixes

- read more for Mac or Win

06/6/2014 :: Mac v2.5.30 & Win v2.5.30

- bug fix for users not syncing in viivo manager

06/5/2014 :: Mac v2.5.29 & Win v2.5.29

- bug fix for dropbox file syncing

- improvement for external drive detection

05/26/2014 :: Mac v2.5.24 & Win v2.5.24

- bug fixes for right click menu

- bug fix for ignoring case on Windows

05/21/2014 :: Mac v2.5.23 & Win v2.5.23

- added feature Viivo Team Key for Viivo for Business users

- added feature Viivo MFA for Viivo Pro users

- added feature Viivo Filename Encryption for beta/trial use

- added new Assets tab to Viivo Manager for better control of Viivo keys for sharing

- bug fixes to indexing algorithm

- read more for Mac or Win

04/23/2014 :: Mac v2.4.53 & Win v2.4.48

- improved log reporting when submitting logs to technical support

- bug fix for detecting OneDrive on Windows

- read more for Mac or Win

04/09/2014 :: Mac v2.4.50 & Win v2.4.45

- improvements in Viivo background backup file scanner

- exception handling for Windows lock on files during sync

- read more for Mac or Win

03/24/2014 :: Mac v2.4.45 & Win v2.4.40

- added support for Dropbox for Business Changes coming 04/09/2014 within Viivo.

- improved installer on Mac to fix Applescript errors

- read more for Mac or Win

03/07/2014 :: Mac v2.4.42 & Win v2.4.38

- added feature Viivo Drop Zone for all users

- added feature Viivo Edit for all users

- added sharing support for Box, Google Drive, SkyDrive/OpenDrive, Email, etc.

- added "Assets" tab to the Viivo Manager for managing single file access and non-Dropbox Shares

- added refresh check to "Shares" tab

- bug fixes and performance improvements

- read more for Mac or Win

02/05/2014 :: Mac v2.3.33

- Fixed bug for installation AppleScript error where condition was not being caught and installation would rollback

02/01/2014 :: Mac v2.3.32

- Fixed bug for installation issue on Mac that wrote invalid entry on new installs on Mac from 2.3.29

01/16/2014 :: Mac v2.3.29 & Win v2.3.28

- added file system watcher support (decrease in system resource utilization, increase in file change detection)

- added support for BoxEdit

- added support for on-the-fly editing of .viivo files w/ instant save-back

- added support for drop-zone shortcut to enable on-the-fly encryption

- added button to allow for automatic log upload to support team

- read more for Mac or Win

12/23/2013 :: Mac v2.1.23 & Win v2.1.37

- minor bug fixes to sync algorithm (UTF-8 chars)

- released entitlement system (backend)

- added compression capabilities

- added device audit support for admin console

- added "delete on deny"

- when you remove someones keys for a share, their files are also removed

- read more for Mac or Win

08/29/2013 :: Mac v2.1.20 & Win v2.1.26

- Released pro / business versions

- minor bug fixes to sync algorithm

- added support for Google Drive, SkyDrive, Box and Custom providers

- added admin console for business users

- added dashboards and reporting capabilities for admin console

08/06/2013 :: Mac v2.0.45 & Win v2.0.67

- minor bug fixes to sync algorithm (high CPU)

- fixed crash on Windows XP and Vista when using the "Stay signed in" option.

- fixed startup crash

- fixed check for update crash

- read more for Mac or Win

07/25/2013 :: Mac v2.0.44 & Win v2.0.65

- new major release

- removal of encrypted key material stored in Dropbox

- new sync algorithm

12/14/2012 :: Mac & Win v1.01.0037

- upgraded 1st run "Tour"

- faster sync time between Viivo folder and Dropbox folder

- fixed memory leak in daemon

- minor bug fixes

- added stats collection

12/05/2012 :: Mac & Win v1.01.0038

- minor bug fixes

10/02/2012 :: Mac & Win v1.01.0024

- initial beta release