In a recent article for Accountancy Age, Steve O'Neill gives "A CFO's Predictions for a Technological Future". Here at Viivo, we are particularly interested in his fifth prediction--CFOs will become more aware of the financial implications of data loss. O'Neill says, "Security is vitally important, yet all too often underrated. Securing your company's data needs to take into account a variety of threats, from natural disasters which may knock out your systems, to security breaches from cyber-criminals. CFOs have a role to play here in helping to understand what happens if their company loses certain types of data."

The importance of data security is old news at Viivo, but it might be new news to you. As a CFO, it is of vital importance that you know where your data is, and who is viewing it. If you lose your data, or it is seen by prying eyes, there are real financial issues your company could face. When you choose Viivo to encrypt your Dropbox, you can Cloud in Confidence knowing that your data is absolutely secure.

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