It seems like these days everyone is telecommuting. It is easier, flexible, and studies show that you get more work done. As someone who works  a day in the office, a day at  home, and a day at a coffee shop--you need to have all your files in one easy accessible place. We also know that you need to be able to share them easily with all of your peers who work anywhere from an airplane to the local pub. Needless to say--you're already in the Cloud.

But how are you securing the documents you store in the Cloud? As a telecommuter, you will often find yourself on foreign WiFi access if you are working away from home. Viivo is the perfect solution to keep your sensitive data secure while you enjoy your double shot, extra foamy latte with the design of a whale on the top. No matter where you are, the moment you save a file to your Viivo secured Dropbox folder, is the moment Viivo 100% secures it.

Cloud in Confidence--no matter where you are.

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