Times are tough, even for lawyers--we know that. We also know that two of the biggest perks of being in the Cloud are the time and money you save. When you are in the Cloud, you can say goodbye to the time and expense of updating and maintaining servers and software. When you use the Cloud, all of your documents are saved just like your email is when you log in from your browser, or your photos are on sharing websites. Your documents can be accessed from anywhere. We know that this is important when you have a time sensitive case, or need to share information with a colleague.

But how are you going to keep all of these documents secure? We've all had our email hacked into at one point or another, alerting our entire address book that we are stuck in Europe with no money. That's where Viivo comes in. We don't want you to take a chance when using the Cloud. When you use Viivo, you can be sure that your files are encrypted the moment you save them to your Dropbox. With Viivo you can Cloud in Confidence knowing that all of your clients sensitive information is 100% secure.

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