You've heard the hype about how easy the Cloud will make your real estate business, and you know it’s time to move your business online. Everyone keeps telling you, "the Cloud is our future"—I hate to break it to you, but The Cloud is our present. It’s always hard to accept such big change, especially when it involves trusting your sensitive files (and your client’s sensitive files) to the big, scary, confusing world of the internet. We’re here to tell you one thing—don’t trust it.

Trust Viivo. When you use Viivo to encrypt your files, you can rest assured that the only people who have access to your files are you and those you share them with. Selling real estate is all about timing, when you’re in the Cloud, you can share files with your client with just the click of a button. Make sure that click is secured with Viivo. Cloud in Confidence.

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