Privacy has been a big concern for a long time. When the news came out only weeks ago that the NSA has been tracking some of our most personal data, things became serious—for everyone. If you’re a Cloud user, there is a good chance you use Dropbox. At this point in the game, to stop using Dropbox or change service providers isn’t really an option for you. But how are you going to ensure your files are secure?

When you use Viivo to secure Dropbox, your files are encrypted the moment you save them—and you are the only one who has the power to decrypt or share access to decrypt your files. You can be confident that our servers never see copies of your data or passphrase.

Here is how you can keep your Dropbox files as private as possible with Viivo:

  1. Download Viivo here
  2. Once you install the software, Viivo will automatically register a Viivo-Encrypted folder in Dropbox
  3. Drag all your non-shared data into the Viivo-Encrypted folder
  4. Review your shared data, and consider encrypting that with Viivo as well. When you do, you will be in control of who can access this data, and will need to approve anyone before they can decrypt the content
  5. Install Viivo on all other devices you access Dropbox from—you can only decrypt files if Viivo is installed on the device

To keep your data as private as possible, you should only use your Viivo-Encrypted home folder. This ensures that all of your data is 100% client-side encrypted before it is saved to Dropbox. Meaning, there is no chance an unencrypted backup exists anywhere in Dropbox. We’ve always been big advocates for privacy and security. We want you to be confident that when protecting your data, from family photos to legal documents, Viivo is working for you to ensure that your files remain secure.

Click here to secure your Dropbox today!