Earlier this year, we saw a Dropbox security breach that allowed everyone to access everyone's account, regardless of what password they used.  Then, in July, Dropbox users witnessed their email addresses, even the ones they created ONLY for Dropbox, being filled with Spam.  Dropbox insists that they do not sell email lists or account information, therefore - bingo.  Another security breach.

Regardless of whether or not your files and folders are shared, by putting your personal data in the Cloud, you're giving all of your trust to that Cloud provider.

So what happens if there's another breach?  Dropbox will do everything they can to fix the situation right away (and you'll probably get a little extra storage out of it). But how do you protect Cloud files in the future?

One of the reasons that PKWARE created Viivo was to assure that your most critical data is safe at all times, from all prying eyes.  In the event of a Dropbox security issue, Viivo keeps your documents, files and folders behind red tape from anyone who doesn't have your unique encryption key.

That's why we say, if you share it on Dropbox, you can secure it with Viivo.