Among the many critiques that IT departments have of migrating to the Cloud, one subject of debate is financial recouping in the case of a security breach.

In this case, the public cloud is more susceptible to security risks than the private cloud, which means a higher chance of incurring costs to fix the situation after an attack.

With Viivo's Dropbox Security, businesses utilizing Dropbox as their Cloud service can protect their files from a Dropbox security breach, meaning incurring no investment to correct the situation. Your business can Cloud in Confidence knowing that files are protected in case of accidental intrusion.

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After this summer’s security snafus, Dropbox introduced a 2-step login process to add another layer of safety to secure Cloud files. In tandem with encrypting Cloud files with Viivo, we also recommend using this two-step authentication to assure that you cover all of your bases to Cloud in confidence.

  1. Sign in to the Dropbox website
  2. Click on your name on the top-right
  3. Click Settings, and select Security
  4. Navigate to the Account Sign In section and change Two-step Verification to “Enabled”

It’s that easy! When using this feature and Viivo at the same time, you’ll be protecting yourself from potential Dropbox security concerns. Enjoy!

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As a company with data being stored in the Cloud, security can become somewhat of a concern.  And rightly so!  There are a few steps you can take to make sure that your company’s files stay where they should.

  1. Control who has access to your Cloud.  As an organization, set guidelines for who is allowed access to which folders.  Assure that former employees are no longer part of the shared folders, and regulate which layers of your company need access to which parts of your Cloud.
  2. Consider whether something needs to be kept in the Cloud.  Is this something you don’t need remote access to at all times?  Is it something that only you will be seeing?  It might not be the best idea to put it right up in the Cloud.
  3. Keep a back-up.  Backing up your files assures that they’ll still be around, even if something unfortunate happens.
  4. Lock it down.  You wouldn’t give the keys to your office to everyone in your organization.  However, that’s not to say there’s not a few key folk who shouldn’t be allowed in.  Secure your Dropbox files with Viivo, which allows you to pass the encryption key to those you trust most.

And that’s it!  Cloud in Confidence by following these quick steps, and by encrypting your Dropbox files with Viivo!

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The 10th annual DreamForce conference hosted by SalesForce is in full spirit in San Francisco this week.  One common thread- among many- at the conference is regarding Cloud encryption.  As more and more of our lives are moving toward the Cloud, many attendees raised concerns about ensuring their contracts, sales contact, client data is safe, secure and encrypted.  We clearly were more than happy to introduce them to Viivo - you know, so they can Cloud in Confidence knowing their Cloud documents and files are secure.

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After the recent Dropbox Security breach this past July, Dropbox released a 2-step login process to help further protect users from sneaky hackers.  The process is a little complicated, and is still considered to be in “beta” mode, but it’s a nice breath of fresh air after the scrutiny from the outraged public after the hack.

So what’s the process?  According to Mathew Schwartz at InformationWeek, it’s a series of codes that are sent to your phone, and then entered back into Dropbox - and then another code if you lose your phone, etc. etc.  Tedious as it is, the Cloud giant is making an effort to clear the smoke and wipe away any bad press.

Users of the new 2-step login process, however, are still skeptical and a little confused by it.  There’s no 2-step process for login, or mobile app usage – meaning that the process is really only helpful for the desktop version.

All is not lost, though.  If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re one of the smart ones who have already decided to take the extra step necessary to begin encrypting your Cloud files.  Even in the event of a hack, Viivo knows that that person isn’t supposed to be there, and immediately locks the files you’ve chosen to protect and share through Viivo.

We’re not saying that the new 2-step process isn’t a good idea – but perhaps it’s time to consider supplementing that process with the option to Cloud in Confidence.

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