According to the Lieberman Software 2012 Cloud Security Survey, 88% of IT professionals worry about their data in the Cloud. Here's the catch--86% of them still use the Cloud.  There is no way around it--the Cloud is convenient, no matter what your concerns are. Using the Cloud means you have access to unlimited storage for your important paper work, pictures, and, well, basically anything. Using the Cloud also means that you have access to all of your files no matter where you are. You can easily share all of this documents with whoever you want, or don't want.

But back to that 88%.

We understand how scary it can be to load all of your precious documents into the Cloud. That's why you need Viivo. When you use Viivo to encrypt your Dropbox files you can rest at ease knowing that the minute you save your files is the minute Viivo encrypts them. Cloud in Confidence.

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